Apple does something right? Wow!

Usually – to save time – I immediately assume every design move by Apple is stupid, dangerous, or likely to damage the ozone layer.

I read today that they were ditching the function keys from their new range of laptops.

My knee-jerk greybeard instincts made me joyously utter, “You dumb whippersnappers…”

Then I realised they were completely right.

That means either I’m becoming a better person, or I need to change my medication.


P.S. I’ve still not completely forgiven Apple for removing floppy disk drives about 15 years ago without asking me first.

And – deep down – I still believe that it does a POWER OF GOOD to modern youth today to have to memorise the actions of 12 function keys multiplied by various combinations of SHIFT, CTRL, ALT modifier keys – for each different application.

I mean to say. I had to do it, and it didn’t do ME any harm.

Sorry nurse. I didn’t mean to hit you with my cane.

I’ll be good now.

Is there jelly for dessert tonight?

I like jelly.

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