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Question Stems are the main words used in a particular question. The stems determine the type of response expected of a student.


Type of Response


A very brief answer stating an appropriate term or name or a relevant item of key knowledge.
List two methods which could be used to backup data in an Information System.

Provide One Example

A brief description/statement is required to illustrate a situation.
Provide one example of when keypad access to an Office Block would be an appropriate solution to an organisation 's security problems.


A very brief answer in response to a particular scenario.
Read the text above and identify one problem that exists within this information system.


A very brief answer in response to a given situation.
State one advantage of the proposal outlined above.


A response which suggests what to do in a particular situation.
Recommend and explain two tools which Acme P/L could use to manage the above project.


A response which gives an account of what occurs in a particular situation when a certain term is used. Usually questions that require a description test key knowledge in a generic sense.
Describe the purpose of each of the following in an information system:
(a) Data Entry personnel
(b) Printers
(c) Backing up Procedures


A response which provides a reason why a particular fact or given circumstance is true.
Explain why it is desirable to identify milestones in any project.


A response which explains why a particular choice is made. This normally includes its benefits and losses.
Which of the above solutions would you recommend? Justify your choice.


A response which provides both sides of an argument or the advantages or disadvantages of a particular solution.
Discuss the economic implications of introducing the above solution.

Explain and justify

An extended response which requires students to use their own words to illustrate how the key knowledge applies to a particular scenario and to clearly set out the reasons why they have made particular choices (advantages and disadvantages).
Outline an Implementation Strategy that might be relevant for Acme Pty Ltd. Explain and justify your strategy.



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